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Participants in the Chicagoland Indoor Soccer League are expected to adhere to the IYSA code of conduct.

IYSA policy on Recruiting:

Article V Responsibility Regarding Recruiting

  1. It is unethical to recruit player(s) while they are registered on another team.
  2. Coach and team representative shall strictly adhere to IYSA and league rules pertaining to recruitment.
  3. It is unethical for a player to be recruited or enticed from the Olympic Development Program (ODP) setting, either by his ODP coach or any other coach, manager, parent, or team representative.
  4. The coach has an ethical obligation to be forthright and refrain from making derogatory remarks regarding other coaches, teams, and organizations when discussing the advantages of his/her organization.
  5. It is illegal recruitment to promise any kind of compensation or inducement to a player. It is unethical for a coach or team representative to provide compensation or inducement to a player. It is unethical for any coach to make a statement to a prospective athlete, which cannot be fulfilled.
  6. Allegations of illegal or unethical recruiting are very serious and should be based on concrete facts rather than hearsay and innuendo. Documentation of recruiting violations must be submitted in writing to the league and IYSA